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We can find the solution to your pain

We offer highly effective treatments and classes from internationally certified therapists

”Health is a relationship between you and your body.”

”La salud es una relación entre tú y tu cuerpo.”


Feel free to watch how we work with the body. / Vean como trabajamos con el cuerpo.

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Find out what our clients say about us. / Descubran que nuestros clientes dicen sobre nosotros.

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Familiarize yourself with all the treatments and classes we offer. / Familiarícense con nuestros tratamientos y clases.

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Look at the products that can improve your posture and release pain. / Miren los productos que pueden mejorar su postura y soltar dolor.


Assisted Stretching, Yoga, Health & Exercise Advice


Reserva tu cita a través WhatsApp o mensaje / Book your treatment via WhatsApp o message: +56 9 5139 0803 o +56 9 8682 6547

Las Condes, Avenida Apoquindo oficina 503 (metro Escuela Militar) 1hr – 33 000 CLP / 2hrs – 66 000 CLP 

Monday, Friday ( lunes, viernes):  08:00 – 18:00

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ( martes, miércoles jueves): 08:00 –20:00


Testimonials/ Testimoniales

As a massage therapist, Greg is a masterful technician. His unique blend of styles combined with exercises for home practice really helped to alleviate my migraine headaches. 

He also referred me to Anya’s work with facial reflexology which not only helped to soothe my pain, but gave me concrete and powerfully effective tools that I continue to work with on my own. 

Both practitioners helped me to understand more about the source of my headaches and gave me hope for a headache-free future 

Audrey Pernell
 I first called Greg while I was in a bit of a pain crisis with my neck and shoulders and he was able to achieve a significant difference in just one session. He has also effectively worked on reducing my lower back pain and planter fasciitis.

He is very knowledgeable, professional and punctual. I recommended him to a friend who was also very happy with her session. I recommend you try a massage with Greg.

 Casey Chumrau
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